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About Me

I aim to create delicious memories

I am formally trained as a graphic and web designer turned self taught cake artist. My cakes are known for their taste, clean lines and creative use of materials.


From an early age I was in my mothers kitchen baking cakes and candy and my brother would finish it off before my folks would even get home. No traces left :)


It started out as a part-time affair, baking for Y&R advertising agency and by word-of-mouth I started baking for birthdays, baby showers and weddings and things just moved forward from there. I have since spent time nurturing my growing business.


I was privileged enough to work as the Head Chef for a well know restaurant in London where we made everything from scratch, even our own rolls. Nothing was served that came out of a box.


I love cooking and baking, but more so I love to see people enjoying my food. This makes me happy.

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