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Cake size

this is the size indicator we use when calculation your cake portion size. use this as a guideline, but remember the person cutting the cake might not follow these sizes










mini round cake - ideal for cake smash photo sessions

4" / 10cm

dessert: 4-6 portions

small round cake

5" / 13cm

dessert: 6-8 portions

medium round cake

6" / 15,3cm

dessert: 10-12 portions
wedding: 24

inter-medium round cake

7" / 17,8cm

dessert: 12-16 portions

wedding: 48

standard round cake

8" / 20,3cm

dessert: 16-22 portions

wedding: 48

semi-large round cake

9" / 22,8cm

dessert: 25-32 portions

wedding: 76

large round cake

10" / 25,4cm

dessert: 28-38 portions

wedding: 76

extra large round cake

12" / 30,5cm

desset: 40-56 portions

wedding: 112






medium square cake

8" / 21cm

24 portions

large square cake

10" / 25cm

36 portions

extra large square cakes

12" / 30cm

48 portions

rectangular cake

12"x9" / 30cmx23cm

30 portions

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tiered cakes
  • we can make multiple tiers using our different sizes mentioned here or;

  • we can make one smaller cake as the top tier and multiple tiers of cupcakes as the alternative layers or;

  • we can make the size cake that will feed the amount of guest attending and have the rest as dummy cake tiers for effect.


We bake our cupcakes in minimum batches of half a dozen per flavour.

This means you can have multiple flavours in your box, as long as it's in multiples of 6 per flavour.

Approximate portion size

dessert slice size: 1,5" x 2" (3,8cm x 5cm) 

wedding slice size: 1" x 1" (2,54cm x 2,54cm)

little details

Self Collection

You are most welcome to collect your order from my little bakery at my house by appointment, please see Contact page for details. A Little Something cannot accept liability for any damage caused to your order once it has left the premises.


Alternatively, personal delivery of wedding and party packages are available on request. Delivery is free for customers within a 1km radius on all orders, outside this area delivery is charged per km/return.


All our baked goods and the decor elements are handcrafted.

Each cookie we make is rolled, cut, baked, decorated, and packaged by hand. 

For this reason, baked goods may vary slightly from the designs you see online and/or sketches you may receive or supply us with. We use our own creativity and design discretion when decorating.

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Due to the custom nature of each order we do not have a set price list. Pricing is based on the size, flavour and the complexity of the design you choose.


You can choose from any of the designs in our portfolio or talk to us about designing something new!

Shelf Life

As we do not add preservatives to any of our products to ensure that they are at their best we suggest that all our cakes and biscuits are consumed within 48 hours. Fruit cake will last much longer.


All our baked goods are baked fresh to order using some, all or a combination of these: flour, sweet cream butter, sunflower oil, granulated sugar, powdered sugar, pure Belgium coco, eggs, meringue powder, pure vanilla extract, spices, salt and food coloring.


Other recipies might also contain; fresh carrots, apples, ginger, nuts, raisons, cream cheese.


Although not all our goods contain nuts, we do not advise anyone with nut allergies to consume our goods.

* We are not a nut, dairy, wheat, allergen free establishment. Although these products are not always used in all our baked goods, traces might still be present.

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