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Baking Layout

Pricing guideline

I never pre-make and freeze my cakes or use ready mixes. I bake fresh and use quality ingredients like real butter, vanilla paste, Dutch/Belgian coco etc. in my baking for that ultimate taste, flavour and freshness.

Although I bake close to the due date, I still require all bookings to be made a minimum of two weeks in advance in order to plan and schedule the work.



Decorated biscuits

On average biscuits are R36 each excl packaging.

Packaging options: carry box / gift box / individually bagged

(Please note that character biscuits are R37+ each due to the intricacy)

Minimum order of two dozen



These are bigger than the average sized biscuit

From R40 each + R19 for the unique brush
+ packaged in a clear bag



Self ice kit

Themed set of 12 un-iced cookies and 5 icing colours to match

From R380 per dozen

Themes are but not limited to:

Christmas                                Mermaids
Easter                                      Dinosaurs

Valentines day                        Unicorns



This vary vastly but let's base it roughly on our Vanilla sponge (Price is without your custom decorations to suit your theme - decor price will vary on size, style, detail etc)

6" / 16cm // dessert portions: 10-12 = R700 +

7" / 18cm // dessert portions: 14-16 = R930 +

8" / 21cm // dessert portions: 20-24 = R1400 +

(price exclude packaging)

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