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Donald Duck

The best thing about this day and age with technology and the world at your fingertips is that inspiration is everywhere. Any theme you pick can be expanded into a party extravaganza...

Recently I had a client that said:" ... My nephew is having a donald duck party ... and we were looking to see if you can make 30 donald duck biscuits... He's chosen such a terrible theme and we are battling to come up with ideas :) "

But it needed be a terrible theme. Think lateral. Donald is a duck and a use nautical elements as well.

Duck = water: bags/containers with popcorn/cheesy fish biscuits as duck feed, blue jelly as water, mini sugar cones as duck beaks, splash pool with rubber duckies as personal gifts

Donald Duck: Blue and white with a hint of yellow and red. Blue/white plates, napkins, cups, bunting, balloons etc. Bring the theme in by using the colours that Donald Duck represents.

Here are a few ideas:

These are the cookies I made for them.

Inspiration from Pinterest:

Donald Duck cut out - great template for masks and decor elements

Donald Duck outfit for mom/girls - can do the same for boys by using a blue t-shirt and red bow tie with the yellow sneakers and white shorts


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