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to cake smash or not to smash

"What a waste..." / "I won't let my kid to do that.." / "since when is this a trend to destroy a cake?" - I've overheard people say...

..but it isn't quite what you think it is.

Let's face it, kids are going to be messy anyway, so any cake will get 'smashed' if placed in front of a little one. Originally a small cake was given to the one year old to eat the way a one year old would, while the beautifully decorated cake got served to the guests. Photos were then taken of the cake being 'smashed' and they were adorable. These precious moments and natural moments just got moved from the house to a studio and a professional photographer was brought in to make sure it was captured (and it meant you didn't have to worry about the mess).

The photographers I have worked with take absolutely stunning pics of the little ones and the shoot can be themed or styled the way you'd like.

The cakes that I bake not only look great for the shoot but they are the same recipes I use for all my other occasions, so they're delicious.

You aren't going to get great photos of a kid if the cake isn't delicious! Can you imagine those expressions :)

I missed out on my little one's first birthday, but I did take her for her second birthday and she had a blast!! I've added some pics here for you to see.

It is a great way to get spontaneous and natural photos of your little one as opposed to the awkward posed images we all grew up with. So embrace the cake 'smash' (squish, pick, poke, eat) as a cherished memory and fun occasion spent with your little one.

Some other little ones enjoying our cakes

Photos taken by Nestling Photography

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